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February 9, 2012


For a regular (i mean fashion conscious/trendy/current/living in the 21st Century) girl on the east coast, (the kind of girl i am in all my fantasies) these words mean a lot. it means it's time to pop into those heels you starved to get, and that bag that ruined your credit forever and that outfit you put together with the help of all your fabulous friends (fashion bloggers) and hit the city for a weekend of fun and pictures and glamor.

not me.

first, i had no idea the great big fashion week was coming until two days ago when a male friend (yes, sigh) at work mentioned it to me. in my defense, i think he only knows about it because his girlfriend is attending some event. anyway, when he assumed i would be going because i seem to be into this fashion thing (yeah right, fooled him too) i didn't bother to correct him; what he doesn't know won't kill him.

but i got thinking. why not? i am a single, kind-of-beautiful,fun-loving (ish) girl living in new york city and there's no reason not to join in all the fun. so i did the first thing any girl does before going out on the town: i assembled my posse. 

well, i tried.

this post is not supposed to be the pity party post (i was waiting until episode 3 for my boohoo party), but i can't avoid it so here goes. see, even though I've been in this city for 7 months, my friends are still back in maryland where I left them. i tried to make friends with people i already knew here but while i'm outwardly cool (i hope) i really am a little socially awkward deep inside. and after a few episodes of having people forget to send me invites to their soirees, i kinda gave up on the 'Friends' fantasy. now my social life is really a lot of dates with guys i meet (not as fun as it sounds) and many LDFs (long distance friendships).

anyways, i called up some of my fashionable friends who i thought would be interested in sharing the fun of NYFW with me but i guess we're all not as spontaneous as we would like because none of them will be coming here this weekend. i decided i would try to go anyway, maybe even have some fun by myself and take pictures that would make them jealous (not sure how they will see the pictures because i won't speak to any of them for a whole month)

to move the plan along, i called someone who i knew would at least have information about the events and found out that you need passes to those things (makes sense, now that i think about it). safe to say NYFW is a bust this time. most likely the weekend will be a blur of sleep, watch romantic comedy marathons on tv (thanks st. Valentine), go to pilates class, open that bottle of wine, finish the Lincoln Lawyer, go to church, wash my hair and sleep.

or maybe not...

July 21, 2011
"Take lunch to work every day"

This is the advice I got fron my New Yorker friend as we lounged on the rooftop deck of his apartment building at a party this weekend.

He added that is is very easy to 'lose yourself' in the glitz of the city and get carried away with partying all the time, shopping, and everything else that most people associate with being a young new york resident. I took his advice to heart, really, because as much as I want to get as much out of my time here as possible, I know that this is the prime time for me to start to build a financial future for myself. And I have been making some good choices so far: First, I traded my dream of a one bedroom, spacious loft apartment for my humble, swanky studio. I added the difference in rent for one year to my 401k contribution plan and it adds up to one year's salary in only a full years (that's what we wall street nerds do, sue me)

Moving on, in the spirit of stepping out of the obvious party scene and finding alternatives, I went out to The Bubbles Lounge yesterday with friends from work. Bubbles is a champagne lounge downtown on the West Side that features upcoming artists from time to time. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Denitia Odigie, a half-nigerian soulful artist with a golden voice that I fell in love with in only a minute. Her voice and her persona are awesome. Please check her out at and if you want to go see her, let me know!

Work has been good. I'm still in training, which is mostly boring. I gave a presentation today in front of Senior Managers, not bad. 

I may be taking on the 30-day blogging challenge. Maybe.

I'm off to Turtle Bay for Happy Hour (work event, I promise). Toodles!

July 16, 2011
Week One..
I love my job (I plan to say this a lot in the next few weeks while I still mean it).

Anyways, down to the gist. 

Week one, which was only two days really, was great. First of all, the familiar faces helped. 90% of last year's intern class returned to the company as full time hires, which is great cuz we all kinda know what we are doing. 
The real difference now is that this is the Real Deal. As I sat in the Benefits training session listening to Health Insurance, Life Insurance, 401-k and Retirement benefits, I realized that things have really changed: This is the rest of my life. Of course there will be other big events: marriage, kids, job changes, maybe more school, transfers, work in other countries, etc But this is Adulthood. The place I will be for the rest of my life. Pretty scary feeling.

Anyways, everything else was fun. We had a huge welcome party on Thursday. And I found out on Friday that my hour-long lunch break is enough to go home and take a nap and get back to work. How cool is that? Also, there's a tunnel that leads from the train station right to my office. Last summer I never took the time to explore the subway to find the entrance, although I wished i had every day it rained. I found it yesterday, and I'm really proud of myself. 

I featured in the company-wide newsletter!! Its a really big deal since the company has over 60,000 employees and they got to see my face and read about my summer experience. I felt like a huge rockstar. Also, I was invited to meet the interns and give them tips for doing well and securing a job. I guess I did something right last summer :)

And finally, I think I'm keeping my studio apartment. I had planned to trade it for a one-bedroom apartment because I want space and all that. Now, I think I'll put those extra dollars in a retirement fund or a savings account. Plus I have fallen in love with the place as it is. (I know, pics still coming soon)

July 11, 2011
Happy Birthday to me...
Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't like to make a big fuss about my birthday.
On the other hand, it is almost an unforgivable sin to forget my birthday. I mean, just one day in a year to tell me I'm special, and you care and wish me well. Needless to say, a number of my really good friends forgot. And it hurt, cuz I'm extra-sensitive. (so, if you are one of them, I accepted your apology because I'm nice and I love you, but you really hurt my feelings)

NOW, on to my birthday weekend! It was F-U-N! Four of my really good friends came into town and we had a nice ladies' weekend. 

Friday (D-day) kicked off with a trip to the nail shop to get pampered for the day. 

P.S. I NEED one of those massaging chairs the use in those shops. They work wonders!!
Afterwards, we hurried to catch the Zephyr, our cruise boat for the night. We planned to have happy hour aboard while we cruised on the New York City coast and took in a tour of the city. But as with every beautiful plan, things did not quite play out like we planned. First it was raining (before  this second, I did not realize it actually rained on my birthday) and the cruise had been cancelled. Second, no one thought we should be informed. Luckily, the captain of another boat offered us complimentary tickets, with free champagne and seats in his cabin on top of the boat. #Winning! It turned out to be a really good ride. And then my nice Banker friends got us a table at Club Marquee and treated us to a great night.

Saturday was good too, especially since we slept through most of it. And then we toured the city a bit, got a nice dinner at Spice (where I got my cake and my birthday song ☺) and joined friends on a party bus that toured most of Manhattan, plus a few clubs. I'll just leave the rest of the tale with: there were two stripper poles on the bus.

Sunday: Goodbyes and Vintage shopping. I missed everyone the second I got back to my beautiful, empty apartment.

July 7, 2011
Before Day One...
First, I promise not to be away for so long ever again.
New York City has been fun. The 2 weeks before work started were truly awesome.
I spent the first week getting used to my new place, and setting up. Thanks to angels like my friend, Nifemi, who gave her time, and her ideas and her lovely blue car to help me with getting furniture and putting things together. Love you girl.

4th of July was interesting. I think I experienced my first case of New York City snobbery. Not a big deal really, but I should probably share... 

I thought I'd spend the day at a new friend's apartment watching the fireworks. We had spent time together earlier in the weekend and I mentioned it and got an invitation. We talked on Independence day and I was told that plans had changed and he would not be home all day so I made other arrangements. Imagine my surprise when a girlfriend called me up and asked me to join them for a fireworks viewing-party at his place that same night.... I wondered what the whole shadiness was about, but I haven't bothered to find out yet...

The rest of the week was uneventful. My apartment is set up (pics soon) and I think my home has found its 'chi' and it looks wonderful. 

June 30, 2011

Today started off great - The movers are very late, and none of my volunteer helpers were anywhere to be found. Two hours after the move was scheduled, they finally arrived (the movers. My friends never showed up) *sad face*. Nice looking East African guys (i think, they spoke French) the movers were.... anyway, the move was on. 

A funny thing happened though: as I watched all my stuff disappear from my home of three years, I panicked and tweeted
"I DONT WANT TO GOOOOOOOO!!! I DOOOONT WANT TO GOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! :'(((((" 
...and two minutes later, I got a call that my movers were stuck in the elevator with all my stuff. Talk about the power of the tongue/tweet 0_o ....anyway, they finally got everything downstairs and loaded up in the truck. Let me tell you, next time you consider moving your own stuff, don't. Get movers, you will not need to lift a finger except to wave goodbye when they leave. It really helps if one of your nice friends is paying too....umm, yeah moving on...

After they left (they forgot my broom in the elevator) I hopped in the shower, grabbed my stuff, gave a mushy speech on twitter and hopped on a bus to meet them in New York City.

PS. They offered me a ride to new york with them in the moving fan, No thanks! ☺☺

I took the China Bus to NYC because I wanted a fuss-less trip. Again, big mistake. Thanks to the 4th of July holiday traffic to New York was bumper to bumper the entire way. Add to the fact that my bus made a stop in Philadelphia and always managed to be on the slowest lane, my 4-hr trip turned out to be an 8-hr nightmare. I got to my apartment... MY Apartment... checked out that the movers delivered 28 items and linked up with friends to grab dinner and crash.Tomorrow I will see my family, and my little sister who turns 7 today. Happy Birthday Demi!

I'm taking bets on how long it will take to unpack my stuff and arrange the apartment. I say 3 days. What do you think?
June 27, 2011

This is my last week in the District. And it is bittersweet.
I cannot wait to be in New York (finally) and I am dreading it as well. I find myself worrying about the details, wondering how to decorate the place, what to do in September, etc. One thing is sure though, good or bad, it will not be boring...
June 7, 2011

I'm writing this at 3am instead of getting some sleep because Femi asked me for an update....
Between Graduation (May 14) and today, I have been to New York City three times. And as much as I love the city and love to travel, my body has reacted pretty violently to the torture. Now I'm back in the District for one last uninterrupted stretch (hopefully), 3 weeks of stability before I move on to new york and shake things up again. I'm staying with a friend, because my old lease ended and because there was no point finding a new place for 30 days only... But that's half of the reason.

I think that, in a way, deep down, I'm here because I want the company. It is easy for me to get lost in my head and enjoy my own company so much that I shut the rest of the world out. And now that I will be living on my own in a few weeks I feel a little weird, like I am going somewhere far away that no one will be able to find me. I don't know if this makes much sense...

I voiced these fears to a friend (my personal unpaid shrink) the other day, and he thinks I need a boyfriend. Haaaaa, long story. Good night. :)
May 24, 2011

Well, this happened on Saturday, but knowing me, I had to work out all the little nitty-gritty details first before the big announcement. But now it is settled. Come July 1st I will be moving into my apartment and creating my new home, at least for the next 3 months (long story, but a happy one). This means, of course, that I will not technically have a place of my own for the whole of June; which is where all my loving friends come in. I had wanted to 'live' in NYC a bit before July, see the sights, do the Broadway thing, and all that, but I guess there is plenty of time later...

Last night was another night of firsts. I went out to a club on a Monday night. Two places actually. The first, Le Souk, was one of those 'hip' new york places that you read about: People from everywhere imaginable, sleeve tattoos, beach-blond guys and girls, afrocentric hotties, etc etc. The only downer at the spot was Hookah, it still gives me headaches. Then there was Greenhouse...which was a waste of time really. In all, the girls were together, there were some fun moments and I'm off to DC this morning to rest. :)

May 22, 2011

Lunch date today. Dinner last Thursday. Drinks last Wednesday. 
There is something about being a single girl in New York City. Something about being the new single girl in New York City. On my previous visits, dating in New York was an escape. I could do whatever I wanted, almost, because there would be few consequences, no commitments, just fun. Now, it's different. I will BE here. And there will be consequences for whatever actions I take, and maybe commitments down the line... But for now, time for lunch! Toodles.

May 21, 2011

Chelsea. Murray Hill. Upper East Side. Upper West Side. Midtown East. Midtown West. Long Island City. East Village. SoHo. NoHo. Harlem. Downtown. Uptown. West Village.

I have been everywhere. The pre-war walkups, the charming cultured neighborhood apartments, the Glass-and-Chromes. The search for a home. The perfect place. A sanctuary. I'll be first to admit I am a bit obsessive about this little project, and but for the stern advice of my close friends I would have signed some Pound-of-Flesh type leases this week simply because I loved the way some places 'felt'. But to me that's what it is all about. I'm looking for a place that 'feels' like home. I want to walk in after a hard day at work, flick a switch to fill the room with the divine voice of Corinne Bailey Rae, light 12 candles around my bath-tub, pour a glass of wine, undress myself from the kitchen to the bathroom, and just lay there for 15 minutes. Home. And the good thing is, when I walk into that place, I will know. It's that simple and that complicated.

May 7, 2011
I ♡ NY!!
East Side-Midtown, NYC from the top of the Empire State Building. Picture by ME
I think my Love-Hate relationship with this city is beginning to confuse everyone. But the truth is, I love this city in small doses. It does take a lot getting used to the vastness and SPEED of everything, but I am learning. After spending two summers as an intern and numerous weekends as a party-goer I finally picked up my tourist-hat this weekend and went up the Empire State Building with my sister and a friend. Coolest part of the trip? Showing them my Office building from the Observation Deck and pretending that Chuck Bass was somewhere there, waiting for his Blair.

Also, I know my NYC areas now! I found a detailed map in the hotel lobby that shows exactly where places like the 'Upper East Side' and 'Tribeca' are located. The maps will definitely be on the wall of my city apartment, when I eventually find one....xoxo

May 2, 2011
Step 1: Find a Home

My Real Estate broker sent me an email today.
I still have not told her I will not be continuing with their service.
But I cannot, I'm not crazy.
Paying 2 months' rent at this point just seems like extortion.
And that's only the beginning.
Moving to New York City is definitely going to be very interesting

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