For Spring Break this year my friends and I packed our bags and headed to the Beautiful Island of Jamaica. We had very few items on our list: Stay Safe and HAVE A ROCKING GOOD TIME! And we did. We spent 5 days in the city. 
Tuesday, we arrived in Montego Bay, took an hour-long drive to our resort in Ocho Rios, walked around the private beach and the neighborhood, and had drinks with new friends at John Crow.
Wednesday, we visited the Dunns River Falls, a 1000ft high waterfall that we climbed from the bottom up. I thought it was the scariest experience I would ever have. We spent the evening at Margaritaville: open bar, hot Jamaican men, end of story. 
Thursday we visited Bob Marley's childhood home and his resting place. It was an awe-inspiring moment to visit such a Legend. The rest of that day was spent wate-tubing and ziplining in the falls and across the Mystic Mountains forest. 
On Friday, we visited the very beautiful beaches in Negril, and spent the evening at Rick's Cafe where we watched the sunsets and daredevil divers. 
Saturday, Montego Bay. We spent the day on the beach and shopped for souvenirs. Met a shopkeeper and her daughter who are die-hard Nollywood fans. Pretty awesome. 
By Sunday night, we were home....



Bob Marley
Born in this house...
The visitors

Our tour guide 'Crazy Curtis'. Rastafari. Curtis told us about Bob and his mother, his love for his wife Rita, his family life, a love triangle and the final days of Bob's life. Offered us a joint to smoke in honor of Bob at the Graveside too. REALLY nice guy!!

Mama Marley moved into this little house away from her parents 6 months after Bob was born. As a teenager with a young son, the two-room hut was to provide privacy for her while keeping her under the watchful eyes of her parents.

Dedo on Bob Marley's Meditating Stone

Final Resting Place: First person in Jamaica ever buried above the ground

The music lives on....
Two Spliff. Jah Bless.
At home with the Marleys

History says a few babies were made here...

Rita Marley


Private Beach at the Resort

Beach Art

Gotta have Margaritas. All the time.

Montego Bay: Doctor's Cove Beach

Street Life

Ocho Rios Town 

I thought Jamaica looked like some parts of Lagos 
Yeah Man

Lunch with the Locals


I'm a little crazy :)

Very interesting headgear 

We visited Lobster Dave for some good fish

Sheila- Nollywood Fan

Local food is really the best, everywhere

Guess my drink.....

Peace and Jah Bless


  1. I totally recommend it! And it isn't expensive at all if you plan ahead...