Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wanted: Daddy

I rarely write about issues I have not experienced...but of course, I am curious.

How important is it for a woman to grow up with a strong, stable father figure in her life? What are "Daddy Issues"? A legitimate gaping hole in the fabric of our society, or the miserable excuses of loose women who are not ready to take responsibility for their depraved actions?

I have always had my father, so I will not offend anyone by judging or pointing fingers. I tried to imagine growing up as a young girl without my father....and to be honest it was not hard. He was young, and he worked hard. Until I turned 7, I did not know that fathers lived with their families... I thought they just visited from time to time. But no matter how many times he was away, I always KNEW I had him, MY Daddy.  He was my hero, my provider, my first man. Because of him, my mother was safe, protected, maybe even respected. I never saw her sacrifice her pride to feed me.... never saw her sacrifice her pride to men who came and were gone in months. Because of him, I know that One man can love One woman no matter how difficult she sometimes becomes, or how high the bills get....and even though I act like it's no big deal, I know that my father gives me so much by being there....and being the best man he could be. More importantly, because of his honesty I know that a man who is not perfect is not less than a man....but enough about me already.

Without my father, maybe I would be one of the world's Lost Little Girls too. Maybe I would believe that I always had to be beautiful on the outside and slave for a man's fleeting affection. Maybe I would be unable to stick with one man because I do not know that the next good thing is only new until it gets old. Maybe I would forget to celebrate myself and look for self-love in the arm of another...maybe...or maybe I would be strong, because my mother had a father who loved her and taught her all she needs to raise a good daughter. Who knows?

I am glad I never had to find out what it means not to have my Daddy. Because...who knows?