Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Mother {You should see me now}

Ten years and it feels like forever
Ten years and it feels like you left yesterday

You should see me now, trying so hard to be brave for you
You should see me, your mirror-image with even bigger dreams

Nobody understands how desperate I am sometimes,
No one else can feel their hearts tearing and bleeding, and crying and longing

I want to see you again, to tell you all my stories: how life has been cruel, how it has been sweet
I want to tell you how I fell in love, and how he breaks my heart everyday, and why I still love him
I want to ask you so many questions, wish I could learn so much, even if for one day
I want to know how you became a living Legacy, the youngest and brightest of Stars

I feel so lost without you Mum, and every day is like a gamble; a shot in the dark
Sometimes I don't know the right things to say, or the best things to do
Sometimes I listen desperately for your voice, for a little push in the right direction
Sometimes I feel like no one is watching me grow

You should see me now, growing stronger every day
testing my own little wings.
Sometimes I fall. Oh, how I fall
But I get up again, just like you always said, and reach higher, and fly farther
A lot of times I get hurt, and burned, and hurt even more
But I get up again, I reach higher, I fly farther

You should see me now, raising your babies like they were mine
Fighting their battles, soothing their pain
Holding their hands through the hard times and celebrating their success
Your baby boy is almost a man, he is my champion.... You would be so proud
And your baby girl, a leader by nature, a star by day and night,
fearless and tender, she is my rock everyday

I thought I could never live without you, Mum, most days I still do
But I'm learning everyday; it's breaking my heart, but I'm learning
I wish you were here one day longer, so I can tell you again how much I love you

You should see me now..... You can see me now
Just wish I could see you too

Yemisi O. Alade
{1961 - 1998}

Mother, Teacher, Best Friend

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things Dammi [*Dami *Dani] likes to do

So, I had to get creative with this cuz Google obviously has few "Dammi" Posts...

So very weird but fun at the same time...
Start a Google search with your name in inverted commas with "likes to" (eg. "Gordon likes to") and post the first 15 things that come up.

1. Dammi likes to help with the laundry, even though it is really just pulling anything in there out.
Actually, I hate to do laundry, would rather just get new clothes, lol

2. Dammi likes to play with hair
Only mine tho,i'm not that touchy feely

3.Dammi Likes to Dance & Drink.
No truthful comment here.....

4. Dammi likes to be Upah [up]
I guess it means on top, so yea...

5. Dammi likes to move it move it
...And u know it!!

6. Dammi likes to cha cha slide
Sometimes, all that motion can be stressful tho...

7. Dammi likes to get dirty, ride sports bikes, has gorgeous eyes...
lol, yes and yes

8. Dammi likes to hold her food at the roof of her mouth.

9. Dammi likes to slouch when she sits.
The fear of Grandma won't let me :)

10. Dammi likes to show off by dancing and singing and it's about all she seems to do.

11. Dammi likes to get peeps into trouble and then run away!
Oh yes!!! I'm called MiSsChiEF for a good reason

12. Dammi likes to talk to strangers, so please get in touch.
Only cute strangers please....

13. Dammi likes to likes to spend her free time playing softball and working out. She also enjoys spending time with her family..
Dammi doesn't play any kind of ball, she works out, digs her Fam......

14. Dammi likes to write. Plain and simple.
Check out my alter-ego "Dizzy Gossip Girl"

15. Dammi likes to spend her time listening to live music, camping, fishing, traveling, laughing and joking with friends, going to Disneyland and ...
Yea, Dammi is obviously a barrel of fun