Saturday, July 28, 2012

Waking up with the beast

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, just as I haven't really been writing, or reading blogs (I'm really sorry! I'm all caught up on Dosh's and Nife is next). Let's just say life has been in the way. This is what my bed looks like this morning.

I recently changed up a few things in my apartment for the Summer and my favorite change is this Striped Duvet + Shams from West Elm. I got the inspiration from a design blog and I loved the idea of customizing the shams. I might get another set for the kicks. Needless to say, someone has a little problem with the wording of this set, which makes him even more of a grouchy beast in the mornings....

Sorry about the rumples, I made a promise never to iron my sheets again haha 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Should have, Would have, Definitely Will Next Time

I should have kissed him.

In that moment when his arms were around me, holding me so softly and yet so fiercely like I could disappear just as quickly as I appeared in front of him. When his height enveloped me, even with 6-inch heels on, making me feel small and delicate, just the way I imagined it in my dreams. His breath was a warm, light whisper of air on my cheek for one second...and then nothing. Like he was holding his breath.

It did not matter that we were surrounded by hundreds of people or that we had not spoken a word to each other in months. I could not remember why I had sworn off him and told myself we could never be friends or anything else.

I wanted him to kiss me, and everything inside of me yearned to kiss him back.

But I held my breath and willed my heart to stop stomping around in its cage. I tasted his lips very briefly and ran my hands down his chest. He's skinnier than he was in my last dream. And then I just stood there...

He pulled back and looked at me with a question in his eyes, he was hurt. I smiled sweetly and headed for the door, away from the party by the pool. I had won, whatever the battle was this time...

It's been 60 days. I should have just kissed him.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Not a playsuit...

Esther Quek. Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton

I came across this photo today and I am inspired. Her look is so fresh and different and even though I promised myself not to run out and buy anything, I have been (window) shopping... ☺

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The other Saturday night I stayed home and ironed my sheets.

The pillowcases too.

I ironed my 600 thread count sheets, spent a good amount of time making my bed perfectly, climbed into bed and watched a DVR'd Rom-Coms until I fell asleep. But that's not the sad part. What's sad is that I did not realize how sad it was until I was at brunch the next day and got asked what I did on Saturday.

It's not like I'm big on night life in the first place, and I do have my moments when I just want to lay back and do nothing all weekend. But I cannot remember a time when I was so comfortable being away from people and so content with it. When I allow myself to think I about it I worry that something is wrong.

Maybe it is, maybe it's not.