Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Spreading yourself too thin
Letting everybody in

I knew one day 
my heart would feel the pressure
never knew it would be so soon
but today I woke up 
and I was bleeding
I was weak
and broken
a big hole 
where my heart used to be

My poor battered heart
in pieces too hard to number
A piece here, with my long lost friend
given to her for safekeeping, 
hiding my secrets, my fears, my dreams
A piece there, in the circle
friends forever, yes, forever
A piece of me in the old dusty chapel,
right there under the eyes of the watchful saints
A piece of me there, in a lost lover's hands
broken, abused, forgotten in a pile
Another piece here, on the artist's canvas
he took my bleeding heart,  
painted a picture of his world with it
angry spurts of red, 
tinged with true gloomy blue
and the fading green of hope
a shadow of the real

I want my heart back
all of it
keep your love
give me my heart
keep your trust
I'll take my heart
don't want your friendship
just a whole heart
tired of bleeding
done weeping
would rather be whole
maybe alone, but whole