Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Family Wedding: Part I

Something Blue is really really tight...

I wiggle a little as the elastic band of my pale blue garter digs into the tender flesh of my left thigh. Serves me right for allowing my jealous younger sister order my wedding lingerie; she must have picked a small size on purpose. Now I am really looking forward to the garter-toss, not just because of the magic of having my future husband touch me intimately - in front of everyone we know. That is the part of the ceremony I have looked forward to since we agreed not to be intimate a whole month before the wedding.

But first, I have to get married.

The string quartet strikes the first chords of the wedding march.
There's a smile and a thumbs up from the wedding planner.
Daddy smiles proudly as he kisses my forehead and pulls the tulle veil over my eyes.
And we glide towards the aisle, just like we practiced.

Until we step into the doorway of the chapel hall and my eyes stop on him, standing there looking as irresistible as the first day I saw him. The music in my head screeches to a clanging halt. I feel like I have tripped over my dress but a glance at the guests show nothing is amiss. "How DARE he show up at my wedding?!" The smirk on his face tells me he knows I am uncomfortable, and he is fine with it. I turn my nose up inwardly and continue gliding. Our affair only lasted a few nights, a long long time ago, and unless he has pictures, I will be denying any claims he ever makes. Since then, I have had bigger problems to worry about.

I smile at everyone, but I avoid making eye contact with those on the groom's side of the aisle.
Everyone is smiling. Except Aunt Velda.
I wish Aunt Velda would smile one day in her life, sigh.
Even her ever-sour and disapproving face cannot dampen my mood today.
I see some people dab at tears in their eyes, so sweet.
Even the Best Man seems to have tears sparkling right there on his long lashes.
I look away from him quickly.
The flower arrangements look absolutely gorgeous, Mother sure deserves a medal.
Everything looks wonderful. Everyone looks wonderful.
Finally, when I cannot take it anymore, I look at Him.
My Love. The Man of All My Dreams.
He looks so handsome. And ecstatic, and only slightly terrified.

As I step beside him I take his hand and squeeze reassuringly, and we face the priest.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today...." 

The words take me back to another wedding, only six months ago... I was standing in the bridal train for one of my best friends when I started to feel like I would faint, right there on the marble floors of Our Lady of Fatima. Nausea rolled over me in waves. I was so frightened that it took a minute to realize what was happening. Morning Sickness. Only it was 3pm on a sunny afternoon in front of hundreds of guests at a huge society wedding. I concentrated with all my strength to hold my smile in place and not give in to the urge to run out of the hall and find the nearest restroom. Inside I was shaking. A wedding was not the place to do anything without getting everyone's attention. I looked around at all my friends in the hall and realized I could not tell anyone what was happening to me, not with the high stakes involved. Good thing my fiancée was away on a business trip. I survived the long wedding ceremony and attempted to sneak into the bathroom two times during the exhausting reception ceremony to empty my already empty stomach. Hours later, I escaped with wedding-planning excuses and drove to a pharmacy far out of town to purchase as many different brands of home pregnancy tests as I could find. Later that night, I sat on the bathroom floor shaking my head in disbelief as all six of them told me what I had known and ignored for weeks:


Possibly pregnant for my fiancée, or the one man he feared and hated the most, even though they were closely related. It was a chance I could not take, not now that I had found The One. So I did the only reasonable thing: I took an unplanned shopping trip alone, and I got rid of it. Quietly. I never told another soul. No one would ever know now...

"If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, speak now, or forever hold your peace..."

I smiled nervously at my husband-to be and caressed my now-empty womb softly as I congratulated myself again on averting a disaster... Until someone broke the silence... "I DO"

Coming soon: Our Family Wedding: Part II (Groom)


  1. Hello everyone!

    This is part one of a 6-part series that I am putting together. It is about secrets...and scandal, and all the thoughts that are floating around when a couple comes together to get married. I promise you will enjoy it. If you want to guess what the groom's secret will be, be my guest! Part 2 will be up soon.


  2. First and foremost I love your writing (yes I am a groupie and your biggest fan and you know it loL )I think the groom is gay ! Yes I said it, I think the groom is in love with the same person that the bride slept with. I so can't wait till the 2nd part

  3. Lmao @ Ms Monroe's guess about the groom...LOL
    Good stuff Dizzy!!! WE WANT MORE!!!!!

    xoxo ur hubby

  4. Great piece...awaiting the conclusion. Love it!

  5. @Ms Monroe, sure you're not a writer?

    Almost there, hubby, only 7 more...

    Thanks Hubert, thanks for visiting :)

  6. DamisumTin!!! Great stuff babes!
    Part 1 and I'm already hopelessly hooked....so,I presume it comes out every monday? Can't wait!

  7. Please don't limit it to one a week. PLEASE!
    Great writing...I'm not surprised.

  8. Really good stuff Dami,cant wait!!!!

  9. I want part 2 and i want it now!!!!!!!1

  10. Dami! Awesome post, dunno why I haven't read ur blog sooner, this is a mistake I shall remedy immediately! Oya part 2 now now

  11. Thanks everyone, Part 2 is almost here. Just need everyone to get on board with the beginning of the story before we move on.

    @dami Welcome!

  12. first time at your blog, (Y)
    good stuff

  13. Nicely told! Maximum respect, Sis!

  14. I loveeeeee it!!!! Looking forward to the rest!!!!! Reminds me of R.Kelly's trapped in the closet series I was hooked lol! Great job hun!

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